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Easier App Installations from Outside Google Play

Google has for a long time making it difficult to install applications from outside Google Play. In Android 5.0, Samsung has created a highly improved user journey to address the issue and create a more open app environment. Other handset manufacturers are likely to follow.

How to Monetize Apps in Third Party App Stores

The app ecosystem is still evolving at the speed of light and innovation continuously creates new methods to monetize apps. This white paper gives an overview of the different monetization methods and their impact on owners of third party app stores, independently of whether end user device is a smartphone, smart TV/set-top box, vehicle, wearable or any other connected device.

Niche app stores: How brands can profit from the imminent app explosion

The explosive growth in the app and connected devices market gives rise to an app discoverability challenge. This creates an opportunity for established brands addressing highly targeted segments, as they can leverage their customer relationships and knowledge to offer a curated app selection. This white paper describes why we think more brands should run their own app stores, and how they can go about doing it.